Why Choose Aware Insurance?

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Have You Been Searching for the     Right Insurance? 


Well, look no more! Aware Insurance is everything you need 

If you have someone in your life that is dependent on your income,  life insurance is a necessity. 

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At Aware Insurance we are a group of independent Broker agents who work with major insurance carriers to help our clients find the policies that best meet their needs. We have a lengthy and proven track record of assisting  families,  individuals, and businesses in finding the right insurance protection. Licensed since 2011, we began helping our clients throughout Ca. and Tx.  

There are hundreds of insurance companies and even more life insurance professionals, so finding a  qualified expert, is a smart first step. We specialize in life Insurance and Medicare. We can provide protection for your family as well as your company, and it can all be carefully handled through us.  

Experience Counts 

 We pride ourselves on great service. One of our main goals is to assist you in recognizing your needs and establishing a detailed insurance strategy, rather than just buying a policy. This is one of the main reasons to select Professional Insurance Advisors like Aware Insurance above  our competitors.  

 Not all insurance companies are created equal.  Selecting the right choice can make a significant difference in terms of cost, service, and performance, your options are only as  good as the people and the companies that you work with.  

Independent Agents

 It is critical to evaluate your private insurances as a whole, as they should complement one another to provide the amount of coverage required to address the risks or exposures that have in your life. Life happens and evolves throughout time, necessitating adjustments to your insurance plan and protection. We recommend checking your insurance coverage on a annual basis, as well as when specific life events happen that may affect the kind of coverage required to suit your needs. It is critical that your insurance plan evolves in tandem with your changing circumstances.

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Furthermore, we concentrate on how insurance addresses all of your life's vulnerabilities or hazards. We give you one dependable connection for collaborating,safeguarding, and assisting all of the essential aspects of your life with the utmost care, whether your focus  is personal, business or Medicare, we can help you find the coverage that you need.  

We're Here When You need Us 

We can assist you in developing a "larger picture" insurance strategy that will safeguard what matters most to you and what you've worked so tirelessly to attain. We wish to give you the genuine "peace of mind" that you deserve with your insurance.  

So, if you suffer an insurance loss, we're ready to assist you from the moment you report it, all the way through the complaints procedure and settlement. When the unexpected happens we will make sure that your claim is handled quickly and properly. We work hand in hand with you to help you navigate the claims procedure. Whatever your loss, we can assist you in dealing with it and, more significantly, we can assist you in regaining a sense of normalcy.  


Struggling to locate an agency that can offer you what you need with insurance shouldn't  be a big concern for you, especially now that you know about Aware Insurance. 

You can only rely on us to provide you with what we say we're going to provide you.             Contact us today at the number below    

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