The advantages of Using a Broker for Life Insurance vs. Buying Direct

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Life Insurance is an important decision because you want to make sure that your loved ones are protected should something happen to you. It is also a somewhat complicated, even complex undertaking. Almost every day you hear on the radio or television ads touting buy Life Insurance direct and save tons of money. They proclaim that buying insurance directly from the company is going to be less expensive and easier, but is that true? Well in most cases this is incorrect, because life insurance companies will give a broker the same price that they give you and pay them commissions as a cost of doing business. The insurance company has to pay for the advertising to get you to the company, so the cost of getting a new client will be the same or higher. So the idea that getting life insurance online is cheaper, it’s basically an advertising technique that is designed to get you to contact the company and to make as much money off you as possible, with the least amount of effort.dd paragraph text here.

Now as a broker I can understand wanting to save money and not having to deal with a salesperson. Well as a broker I am a sales person, however I have the ability to work in your best interest instead of working in the interest of the company. Unlike a representative from an online site who answers your questions or a captive agent, I have the ability to shop multiple companies for the plan that best benefits you. As an example there is only one company that I’m aware of that offers a disability rider with a term life policy, and you won’t be able to buy it directly because of the ability to defraud the insurance companies. So I legally have to protect the insurance companies interest but I also legally have to work for your best interest, big difference. I have to protect them from fraud but I have to work as your agent. I know there is still going to be that doubting Thomas, that Uncle Luke that will never let those snake charmers get his money, but how many kids do you know who have paid to have their parents buried, I did.Add paragraph text here.

Finally there are also so many other things that life insurance has to offer you besides death benefits, read my article ( So if you would put down the “I bet you can’t help me protect my family” shield, I would love to show you how this is a real value for you. I do service work; I basically raise funds for an organization that I am associated with. I’ve believe in the mindset that the key to getting people to show up and part with their hard earned cash is to give them an outstanding deal for their effort. Something that makes you feel good about how you’ve helped (your family) and what you’ve spent. (the value that you get for your money) Also having another career helps, but still a broker by far is your best bet. If you feel that you have to prove me wrong, respond, I’m sure that there might be some thought or idea that might be out there that can add to the discussion. In the meantime, visit my website, when you have a chance.

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Bill Ware 

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