Choosing a Nursing Home:

5 Factors to Consider

Have you come to the conclusion that moving into a nursing home would be better for your well-being? Even if you know that it’s time to move into assisted living, it can be tough to pick the right facility. Whether you’re trying to decide which assisted living facility is right for yourself, your spouse, or a senior loved one, Aware Insurance invites you to weigh the following factors to help you make the right choice. 

Level of Care

First, it’s important to determine the level of care necessary. For instance, you may need to search for nursing homes that provide incontinence care, or you might need to help your loved one move into a memory care center. Some nursing homes also provide services like meal preparation and helping residents eat. 


Think about where you or your loved one would like to live. Do you want to look for nursing homes that are close to relatives who can visit often? Would you prefer to look at facilities that are as close to your current home as possible? Or, do you need to find a nursing home that is close to a particular medical specialist? Keep these in mind as you look up facilities to visit. 


Today, nursing homes can offer a wide range of amenities to residents. While these facilities might be somewhat pricier, the cost is often worth it. Senior Living Link recommends looking for a nursing home that offers community gathering spaces where residents can socialize, gyms and outdoor areas for supervised exercise, and entertainment. Some nursing homes are pet-friendly, and others even have beauty salons on-site! Think about which amenities will add enjoyment to your daily life. 

Scheduling Visits

When you schedule visits to various nursing homes, you’ll want to observe everything carefully and ask lots of questions. Look at the layout to ensure that it will be easy to move around with a mobility aid, asking about the community’s security system, and assessing the friendliness of the staff. If possible, take the opportunity to have a meal at the facility. This may give you the chance to interact with the other residents and see a more social side of life at the nursing home. You can also ask the staff about how the facility handles transportation into nearby towns and transfers to the hospital for residents if they need medical care. 

Costs and Financing

Assisted living can be quite expensive. As you look into different facilities, it’s important to inquire about the costs and figure out how much you would have to cover in monthly payments. When it comes to making payments, you have a few options: You may be able to cover the costs out of pocket, use long-term care insurance, or qualify for Medicaid. Grants can also help you with payments.

You could also consider selling your home and using the proceeds from the sale to finance your stay. Remember, when you’re calculating potential profit, factor in the realtor fees, outstanding mortgage balance, and average sale prices in your neighborhood. 

Another expense to keep in mind -- one that’s usually not considered in the early stages of choosing a nursing home -- is moving. There will come the time when moving day into the facility is here, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to hire a moving professional, so now’s the time to start researching local moving companies. Try to find a mover experienced with senior moves as there are special things to consider, such as needing packing and organizing assistance. 

Finding the right nursing home can take time. Conducting a careful, thorough survey of facilities that fit your criteria is essential. Assisted living is a big investment, and you want to make sure that you are comfortable and can easily have your needs met at the facility you choose. 

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