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Willie War Jr.


Aware Insurance Services


Life Insurance Agent

Licensed Medicare Agent

Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91423

Best Life Insurance Agent in the San Fernando Valley

Hello Friends and neighbors , just a little bit here about our Insurance Agency. We are Competing against State Farm and Allstate Insurance, for Life Insurance Agent in Sherman Oaks, Ca. Aware Insurance Services, your neighbors in Sherman Oaks, Ca. Really?

5 Agents Located in the City of Sherman Oaks, Ca.

1. Aware Insurance Services (818) 915-0534

2. Jeremy Licht (818) 762-5947

3. Corey Novak (818) 681-5557

4. Coverage Alliance Insurance Services (818) 808-0090

5. George Timuryan (818) 789-3333

I’m a local agent here in our lovely city and I just wanted to let you know how we stand up and compare to our competitors, They have the big budgets and the fancy offices, but are they going to give you better service with a better product? I don’t think so.

How are we different? 

We’re a business that must stand by our work, not just by our name. We are going to be there for you when you need us. We don’t have to worry about how the owners of our franchises feel about us. We don’t have to worry about if we’re going to make enough money to pay their agency fees and we’re not tied to just one company. That would be like going to an Ice Cream store that only had one flavor, when a few doors down or a few clicks down there was a store that had a major variety, that has companies as large if not bigger backing them that as opposed to the one other store, with one flavor, you just have to investigate a little further to find out that information. To give you an example. If you search for Sherman Oaks Life Insurance Agent what would come up top of the list would be either an Allstate or a State Farm agency. Their main products aren’t even Life Insurance, how crazy is that. They are only allowed to represent one company, where we can offer you over 100 carriers . We work with major Life Insurance Companies like Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, American National and AIG. Only one or two companies in the top 2 pages of Google are really Life Insurance companies because Google favors the companies that spend the most money with them. These companies are not necessarily going to be the company that best services your needs. I don’t hold that against them because they’re a huge company and they have millions of clients and they don’t have the time to spend searching out competitors for Life Insurance in Sherman Oaks, Ca, but you do. What you’re going to get from those companies is a corporate rate comprised of what they have to pay to cover your Life Insurance Policy, heck they might even go to one of the companies that I’ve listed before, tack on a fee and call it their own. They are not in the business of Life Insurance, they are Property and Casualty companies, that is their core business. I wouldn’t even try and compete with them in that arena because I would lose. Well when they go up against me in Life Insurance, guess who loses, you do, in the form of higher premiums and larger fees.


Now the same would be said about Medicare, they don’t even offer it. The same situation happens here, except in a different form. Again Google brings up companies that are not the best representation of what your needs might be. They might bring up companies that aren’t even in Sherman Oaks because the companies spend money with them. I don’t blame them again, why bite the hand that feeds you, when they can bite yours, I’m just saying. We are representatives for the largest Medicare companies in Ca. and possibly the world. By law no one can give you a better rate than we can, it’s all determined from the corporate offices and we’re all governed by the Ca. Dept. of Insurance, who does have your best interest at heart. Again, they are singular companies offering only one line of Insurance Carrier. I don’t blame them either, if I could put up a banner that says Anthem Blue Cross, have you drive to a different city to have you purchase your Medicare policy from me, I would do that. However, if you have a problem with that company then you will have to call the companies that I represent yourself or stay in plan that you don’t like. I’m ok with that because I’m a good marketer and I will go out and find the clients that like having someone who represents them and better serves their needs. I will always find you the company that best meets your needs, not mine, because the U.S. Government pays the same commission no matter which company you sign up for. which will take away a big reason for me to favor one company over another. My clients when they have a problem with the Insurance Carrier, they call me. Think about that for a moment. When you have to file a claim, who would you rather call, an Insurance company employee or your agent that has an allegiance with you and a vested interest in your satisfaction. Now don’t get me wrong, Anthem is a great company, I sell their policies all the time, I’m just using this as an example. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. I’m just asking you to think. I am a representative of Anthem Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Blue Shield and Scan. These companies use representatives because they are much more agile and not constrained by expenses and the companies get a better relationship with their clients through these agents, which I am one of.

So hopefully I have given you a little insight into the Insurance business in Sherman Oaks, Ca. I can be found at the Ralphs in Sherman Oaks, on Ventura and Hazeltine. I can be found also at Walmart in Santa Clarita, and the Medicare Information Center in the Northridge Mall in Northridge, Ca. ­­­­You can contact me through my website, my email address is  or you can call me directly on my business cell at (818) 262-1978. I promise you to always have your best interest at heart. If you decide to shop online, take a look at us, I promise that you’ll be glad that you’ll did.

Willie Ware


Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91423


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