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Aware Insurance Services, a multiplex insurance agency will begin offering Disability Income Insurance starting immediately, through Principal Financial Services.This will add to our current line of insurance products being offered, such as Final Expense Insurance, Term, Whole Life Insurance and Return of Premium Insurance. I’m Bill Ware I’m the president of Aware Insurance Services and I have been a Licensed Agent for over 7 years. I believe that adding this additional coverage will help to broaden the area that we might be of service to our clients. When it comes to protecting your financial security there’s nothing more essential than your income. Income Insurance helps to ensure you’ll continue to have an income even if you’re not able to work.

We offer other standard forms of Life Insurance along with Health and Disability. We also have a background in Tax Solutions, currently under contract with National Tax Experts as a Tax Advisor, this gives our company the ability to bring to the table a total financial perspective that the average agency is not able to provide.

Disability Income Insurance, also known as income protection covers an individual if he or she becomes too sick or injured and is no longer able to work, which causes him or her to lose their income. This protection will provide the insured with monthly benefits to help pay for everyday living expenses until the he or she is able to go back to work.

What’s unique about Principal’s policy is that it is a standalone policy, it doesn’t have to be purchased as a rider to a life insurance policy. If someone is the main bread winner in the household, it could be devastating if that income were to be lost due to a disability. This policy will allow the family or person to take the time that they need to recover and go back to earning the income that the family relies upon and not have to rush back to work before they are ready.

This policy is surprisingly affordable and it will follow the insured if he or she moves to a different company or becomes self-employed. This coverage is vitally important because approximately 25% of the people entering the work force will become disabled at some point before they retire. This will supplement any disability policy that the insured will have through his or her employer or the state.

We’re able to offer this policy in most states and it is available to most individuals. For more information contact us at Aware Insurance Services.

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